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that shiny gold looking material.

In 1892, Mark Twain coined the expression “there’s gold in them thar hills,” and it is now obvious that this proverb still holds true for rural Victoria.
There, a novice prospector struck it rich, finding a nugget with a stunning value of $240,000.
A budget model Minelab Equinox 800 metal detector, which costs around $1200 at retail, was being used by the man.
He took the rock he had discovered to Lucky Strike Gold gold broker Darren Kamp for evaluation since he thought it would be lucrative.
“Do you think there’s $10,000 worth?” he asked. “I said, “Try $100,000,” as soon as it landed in my hand,” Kamp told 9News.
Oh wow, the wife’s going to be thrilled with that, he said.
It has a 4.6-kilogram weight and d weighing in at 2.6 kilogrammes gold.
The “Golden Triangle” of Victoria, which extends from Ballarat through Bendigo and up to St. Arnaud, is where the rock was found.
There has never been a better moment to find and sell gold due to the recent increase in its value; even small nuggets may fetch more than $1000.